How to Find a Therapist in Holladay and Salt Lake City, Utah

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In my experience, most people don’t seek out counseling or therapy as a first resort when they are faced with a problem in their lives or relationships. You are, of course, an intelligent and self-sufficient person. So, you first use the coping skills you know of, such as researching the problem online, talking with friends or family, reading self-help books, exercising or maybe practicing yoga. And it is only when you have exhausted all of your coping skills and are still struggling, that you reach out to see if counseling or therapy might help!

So, how do you find a therapist in Holladay and Salt Lake City, Utah?

You may go online to do a Google search and be overwhelmed by the number of different counselors and therapists in our area. It can be very challenging to determine from the many listed which counselors or therapists specialize in treating the problem you are struggling with, use the treatment method that will be the best fit for your unique problem, and which therapist you will feel most comfortable in working with. Perhaps most important, you’d like to know what other clients have experienced in working with these potential counselors and therapists in order to make an educated decision in selecting the therapist that is the best fit for you and what you’re looking for.

A great website and resource which provides this information about the counselors and therapists is Healthgrades provides specific information about each counselor’s specializations, conditions they treat, treatment approaches they utilize, and it provides anonymous client reviews to give you a better understanding of whether that counselor or therapist might be a good fit for you and your needs.

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