I know what it is like to not know what the next step is . . .

You are painfully aware of what you don’t like in your life, your relationships, and even about yourself. You know what you want to be different. You know what you want your life to look like. You know what you want to feel like.

But the steps needed to get to where you want, the time frame, and how to work through the obstacles in your way are unclear to you. The things you’ve tried haven’t worked to get you there. You may feel stuck, frustrated, discouraged, exhausted, or overwhelmed, especially because you have been successful in working through things on your own in the past.

My intent is to create a nonjudgmental, safe, kind and compassionate relationship and process with you so that we can explore what’s going on for you and what steps you want to take. I support and empower people in identifying and processing what’s going on for them, working through what’s holding them back, and moving forward to create the life and relationships they want. A life that feels more authentic, whole-hearted and true to themselves. 

My approach is different than most therapists:

I use 90 minute sessions with all of my clients because 90 minute sessions really allow us to identify and explore what’s going on beneath the surface so we can address those underlying causes and create real healing for you and create real, lasting, long-term change for you, your life and your relationships. The progress, change and momentum we are able to create with the work we do in our 90 minute sessions is incredible and life-changing. 

I am also unique in the combination of being a relationship-oriented, solution-focused and cause treating therapist, which has resulted in great outcomes for former clients and great reviews from them about their experiences working with me.

It is incredibly courageous to reach out for help when you’ve run out of answers on your own and giving yourself permission to reach out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you continue expecting yourself to be “strong” and “keep it all together” and don’t take care of you, you may reach a breaking point and become deeply depressed and unable to function, or completely burn out and shut down.

I would love to be your mentor and partner in getting from where you are now to where you to be.

Some of my specializations include working with people struggling with: anxiety, stress, work-life balance, relationship issues, separation & divorce, parenting issues, women's issues, faith crisis or faith transition, and trauma.

I have extensive training in healthy relationships. I especially enjoy assisting people in healing from unhealthy relationships of any kind, overcoming these experiences, and empowering them in moving forward to create the life they want. Among other therapeutic approaches, I use attachment-focused EMDR therapy to resolve the cause of issues.

To decide if you’d like to work together to create a plan uniquely designed for you that gives you the healing, perspective, knowledge and skills to reach your unique goals, contact me today to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.